Founded by Emily Elyse Miller: I am a person currently living in Brooklyn who loves breakfast, so much so that I’ve built a business around it. With a background in trend forecasting and editorial, I'm able to take a step back to help brands tell a clear, beautiful story. All of my projects drift through food, art, and community. I create content, am writing a book, make breakfast neighborhood guides, and started an event series called, BreakfastClub that connects culinary and design innovators through the ritual of breakfast. 


"In the last few years, the young entrepreneur has worked with clients like VICE, The Lucky Peach and The LINE Hotel to produce content and pop-up events at the intersection of design, art and food. She has even utilized her knack for networking to curate a creative event series called BreakfastClub—which now has pop-ups across the world, from biscuits in Austin, Texas to duck eggs in Glasgow."  -FORBES


For inquiries, decks, price sheets, or just to meet up for a morning meal, reach out: hello@trendsontrends.com